Feminist Gaming Group – 1st LAN Party

Welcome to the Feminist Gaming Group!

The Feminist Gaming Group is organising nights of intense multi-player gaming session for beginners. The sessions are semi-private, on RSVP only and are tailored for people with little knowledge of video games. The composition of the group will vary depending on the game played.

A Feminist Gaming session will last all night and participants will sleep on location.

The first Session will take place Thursday the 30th of August 2018 in Paris’ suburb.
For the first session, we are going to play
Call of Duty II in LAN ( local area network ).
You will be required to bring your laptop and a mouse.
You will be expected to sleep on location.
You will bring sweets, sodas and all the trashy food you can think of.

This event is for people that identify as women and non-binary, please RSVP below.

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