Feminist Gaming Group @ Clearview

The Feminist Gaming Group is happy to host its first London’s session at Clearview!

Feminist Gaming sessions last all night and participants sleep on location.
This Session will take place Saturday 1st of December 8pm in Clearview in London.

You will be required to bring your laptop and a mouse.
You will be expected to sleep on location.
You will bring sweets, sodas and all the trashy food you can think of.

For this session, we are going to play Fortnite Battle Royale, a free online multiplayer game. Fortnite has currently more than 78.3 million monthly players making it the most streamed game. Visually it is a cartoon version of classics Shooter game, a sort of elaborate version of Minecraft merged with PUBG. Its friendly aesthetic makes it ideal for a younger audience were it is particularly appreciated. Together will experience first hand what makes Fortnite such a successful game and in the process learn a bit more about gaming culture.

This event is for people that identify as women and non-binary.

Greeting and with lots of  ♥

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