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Bizoux is a collaborative platform run by Artist Eloïse Bonneviot and Curator Rosanna Puyol devising a public programme and commissioning artists’ works online.
Bizoux aims to widen the scope of online resources embodying the supportive structure of a network involving artists, members of an audience, curators and writers.To weave practices and perspectives within the web context means to use specific canals of expression, thus to navigate the digital dimension and expand its understanding.
Bizoux questions the texture of the screen and the thickness of its conceptual surrounding.
Bizoux is a space for research and work in progress. Both physically and online, nourishing pre-existing networks and establishing new points of contact between France and UK.
As an online platform, Bizoux seeks to bring full focus on the works, with a simple direct and straightforward navigation through the website. We aspire to support the artists we invite in developing their vision, using means that can sometime be unfamiliar or new to them. Thus we develop durable ties with the artists, sharing ideas and skills, having multiple conversations, taking the time to produce the works. We aim to direct the attention precisely towards the work, its process and the artist’s practice.

Text by Rosanne Puyol