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Thinking Like a Mountain is a term coined by Aldo Leopold, to think of the mountain ecosystem not in terms of what is good for human, but what is good for the mountain. The project picks up on Leopold’s desire to anthropomorphise the ecosystem and tries to imagine what it would mean today to think like a Mountain. It uses data gathered from mountain accidents and how Mountain Rescue Teams classify and process accidents. The project functions through the composition of its parts as a network instead of relying on a singular work. The goal is to build a full-scale alternative mythology that encloses the viewer online and offline. challenges the traditional and exclusive model of human relationships with / in ecologies, that is to say a dichotomous Man versus Nature. We need to radically rethink our representation of that relationship. The territories we navigate are always integrated and a human in nature is an equipped one, whether in the city or lost in a post-industrial forest with its GPS.