Info : eloise.bonneviot@gmail.com

Eloïse Bonneviot b. Paris 1986) lives and works in London, Paris & Amsterdam. Recent activities include, The Hive Mind at The Koppel project Hive (London UK); SPACE Art+Technology Residency at The White Building (London UK); Planned Obsolescence (Moscow RU); O Super (hu/wo-) man #1: Eloïse Bonneviot, Friends and Foes at Green Ray (London UK); ABJECT at Import Projects (Berlin, DE) and Meditative Relaxation Cycle at Arcadia Missa (London, UK). As co-founder of The Mycological Twist since 2014 she participated in Escaping the Digital Unease at Kunsthaus Langenthal (Langenthal CHE); 60 million Americans can’t be wrong, a collaborative film between the Mycological Twist and Christopher Kulendran Thomas as part of his installation in ‘moving is in every direction. Environments – Installations – Narrative Spaces’ at Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin, DE); Respawn, Temporary Gallery (Cologne, DE). She is also co-founded of HARD-CORE since 2011, with the retrospective Strictly Digital at Alternativa 2015 (Gdansk PL). Bonneviot is a teacher at Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam NL) as HARD-CORE. She holds MFA from Goldsmiths University (London UK), a BFA from Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam NL) and Villa Arson (Nice FR).


Friends & Foes – Hill walking winter
2017, carbon fibre, epoxy, print of fabric, ropes, diverse sport equipments.
Photo: Joseph Devitt Tremblay

Technology is an essential feature of humanity. Tools have been our long time companions, protecting us from the cold, defending us from various threats and increasing our capacities to hunt and forage. They help us maintain a sense of control as an ally that help us out, a friendly force that extend our reach.
This beneficial symbiosis is carefully curated within a set of rules, crafts and learning processes; updated and passed on from a generation to the next. One learns how to build a tool or to use a tool, to update a tool or sometime to discover a tool.
Within this collaborations control is everything. It is the reason for the collaboration in the first place. With technology human seek maximum control of their environment. But alas, control is a volatile state. One loses control easily to someone or something. Even, sometime, the friendly tool turns against its user and what appeared benevolent turns malevolent. Or so it seems.

It is a vicious circle. A quest for the signs of what gives control when one looses it: when crops die because there is no rain, when a computer gets a virus while looking at porn. Things fuck up and open gaps. The neatly fenced set of ritual maintaining an illusion of power is collapsing; the basket to get water from the spring is rendered useless, the computer shut itself down before you can access the hard-drive. What exactly happens in those gaps? Is there still a sense of control? What resides in that dark unruly place ? Stupefaction, shock, bewilderment, fear, rage, owe, sadness, hysteria, awakening.